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MX vs. ATV: Legends

MX vs. ATV: Legends har blitt utsatt

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev her!

* Påkrevd felt

THQ Nordic og Rainbow Studios meddeler at MX vs. ATV: Legends ikke lenger kommer til å slippes 24. mai som planlagt, og er blitt utsatt til 28. juni. Grunnen til dette har Rainbow Studios-sjef Lenore Gilbert snakket om i et blogginnlegg:

"Game delays are never fun for the developers, or players. In our case we needed to choose between speed or quality, and the decision was simple. We want to make sure that when MX vs ATV Legends comes out, it is the highest level of quality that Rainbow Studios can offer.

Our art team making sure that frame rate is high and stable by making tons of passes in all of the environments. Releasing trailers, then listening to feedback so that we can make sure the physics are tuned just right. Design working across all departments to make sure that what we offer is a gaming experience you will be excited about every time you turn your console on. Engineers testing our new dedicated servers for stability so that the online experience is seamless for everyone. And of course, QA is working out all the bugs."

Innlegget avsluttes positivt:

"We now have that last little bit of time we need to make sure that you all get the game you deserve and we are beyond excited for what Legends has in store for you."

MX vs. ATV: Legends

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